A hard thing to say no to

15 Apr

Oh man guys. I went running tonight and when I got home I was feeling great!

Running is relaxing, blows steam, clears your head, and allows you to push yourself mentally and physically.

So yeah I was feeling pretty great!

Then I came home.

And there was a bag of donuts on the kitchen table from earlier this morning.

Which was why I ran today..but I mean, seconds? Come on’..

And on the bag said, “have a doughnut, you deserve it.”


But alas, my destiny to have a four pack says, “walk away. Just walk away.”


I did.

*insert round’ of applause here*

But really! That was hard to say no to.

Really hard..


I’m Back!

7 Apr

I’m back! My apologies for not keeping y’all posted but these past couple weeks have worn me thin.

I feel like I’m sinking and I want to scream at everybody right now. But I’m even too exhausted to do that.

Why does there have to be so much tension in the air these days? It’s not all the time, but everyday has it’s “moment.”

Gosh I just need some kinda break or something to take my mind off it all this.

Why has God put me in such a vulnerable state right now? Everyone’s happy right now I feel like in my family but me. It’s like I’m expecting something to come up soon.

Ya know how you can taste the air and know there’s a thunder storm coming? Or maybe just?

I think I can do that but I can taste/feel tension that’s about to rise. Maybe in about an hour.

But who the heck knows because these days, I don’t even know what’s going on.

A Fail Fake Tan

16 Mar

So me and a friend of mine found this great recipe for a fake tan that doesn’t make you look orange! 


We tried it..


Naw we don’t look orange. We just look like we rolled in mud.

What a blow.

It says after you take a shower, it’ll look for natural but I highly doubt it.

The ingredients you may be asking?

Cocoa power and lotion.

As I’m typing this, I realize what morons we were for not seeing the stupidity in this.

We didn’t we made a mistake until AFTER we smothered our legs in the goop.

So let this be a warning to you all, tan naturally, or not at all.

That’s my life’s lesson today.

“What a drastic turn of events”

14 Mar

Well, I’m not even sure how to start this story but you’ll want to read this one. Trust me.



So today was my normal day of dance and my sister was taking me today. I also had some positive vibes influenced by today’s lovely weather so I was pretty pumped for ballet today. We were just cruising along and had just left my neighborhood. My beagle mix puppy was sitting on my lap with her head sticking out the window. Then I saw it. Only after I saw it happen did I feel it.

My sweet puppy, Bailey, had indeed just peed all over me. 

All over my dance attire.

All over the seat. 

All over my sister’s backpack.

“What a drastic turn of events,” was my first thoughts.

We drove home and my sister tried to keep a straight face but finally she cracked. And so did I. (:

The situation really was funny! Despite the grossness.

I called my mom, told her what happened, and through her laughter I heard, “you can stay home from dance.”

So I took a shower.

And here I am.

I hope everybody’s Thursday turns out better than mine..




13 Mar

Guys I made up a joke.

What do boys and guitar straps both have in common?

They both hang around a girl’s neck!

It’s okay if you didn’t laugh. Most people don’t. I’m just one of “those” who laughs at their own jokes.

But that’s not what I’m posting about! I just got distracted..

SO. I’m singing Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley tomorrow to my guitar teacher so wish me luck y’all!

And if I don’t get enough luck..well that would just downright suck. 

How awful would it be if he said, “you sucked so badly at that song I’m going to call you straw for the rest of your lifetime for as long as you live.”

That would be the end of my guitar playing career.

That wouldn’t be much of a tragedy anyway since I don’t have a career in it to start with in the first place.

Now I’m just rambling so I think I’ll go now.

I hope y’all have good Wednesday tomorrow! And if it sucks, I won’t call y’all “straws.”


11 Mar

Guess who’s 16?


Actually it is me.

Yesterday I officially turned 16 and in reward of my sixteeness, I’m going to upload a video!

I’ll probably do it sometime this week for the sake of my crazy schedule.

So I hope y’all had a great weekend! I know I did!

Except for some parts..but beggers can’t be choosers. 

Wait. Haha that didn’t even make sense with what I’m saying..

Eh, who cares. But it kinda did make sense?

Anywho, I’m going to do school now like I should be doing.


What does a nosey pepper do?

10 Mar

Good gravey. Could this day get any weirder?

Btw, my fish Opal just died. Actually, she’s just halfway dead if you know what I mean. I think my other fish Vincet the Great tore off a piece of her fin or something and now she’s just..ya okay moving on.

So I went to a sleepover yesterday and didn’t fall asleep till almost 5. Then when I came home I watched titanic with my friend for an hour then she left to have tea with her boyfriend.

And I kid you not, I was sitting on the floor holding my puppy, and just crying because that’s how emotional that movie makes me.

Then, I threw a tantrum (I was home alone so nobody saw..) because I can’t get a freakin flip video program to install! It makes me mad to just think about it.

After that..I watched the breaking dawn part 2 for the first time and at the end of the movie I could not stop smiling because I just love it so much! I’m smiling now. 

I probably look like a dork right now too.

But today was just..pretty chill. 

Oh! one last thing! I found a really funny joke.

What does a nosey pepper do?

Gets jalapeno business! 

See? I’m funny.


3 Mar

Guys, I’m seriously about to rip my braces off. 

Yesterday, I tried to teach my puppy how to give kisses but instead, all I got was her scratching my face then her claw got stuck in my braces. My aunt therefore decided it was hilarious and laughed her butt off at me. 

I didn’t find it very find it funny but somehow I ended up laughing anyway.

So for those of you who aren’t in the need of braces, congratulations. You just avoided years of punishment for crooked teeth. 

But hey, at least I’ll have em’ off next year along with the bonus of some straight pearly whites.

Okay well that’s it. 

It was short and sweet tonight. 

Peace Out Girl Scout

28 Feb

Oh boy guys. I’m going to be 16 in 11 or 10 days..I’m too lazy to count the exact days.

This stresses me out! Which makes me mad because stress is over rated and I’m sooo tired of stressing over things that God CLEARLY already has planned.

“Planned.” The one thing I feel like isn’t planned is my sweet sixteen. Oh geez.


I mean, those are important, right?


I wasss going to have it next weekend but one of closest friend’s sweet sixteen sleepover thing is that weekend and I have to be a loyal friend and go to that.

But I can’t have my little party thing this weekend, next weekend, and probably not the weekend after that because that would be spring break and I’ll be gone that week for 5 days and I’m not sure if I’ll be back that weekend..

I just, UGH. I’m tempted to just throw my hands up in the air and say, “screw sweet sixteens!” (excuse my crude language. I usually don’t say stuff like that..)

So here’s my last flicker of hope: That somehow, God will magically allow the weekend after my birthday NOT to be the week I’ll be gone for spring break.

Heck! I don’t even know when spring break is!


Alright. Obviously, I lack in intelligence right now. Probably from not getting enough sleep.

SO, God, I’m giving you once again a big jumble of stress. Maybe He can untangle it and my thoughts too.


Peace Out Girl Scout. 

Stand Up, Press On, and Stay Strong.

27 Feb

So I just home from a weekend winter retreat with my church. (I apologize for being a loser and not posting anything sooner than this) and I honestly expected to get this big break through with God but I didn’t exactly get that..

Instead, I got something much better.

Sometimes when you have special moments or connections with God there is no way to describe them.

So to some it up, I’ve learned that sometimes you don’t have those big moments when everything just clicks. God’s love will always surprise us and shock us. It will never come the same way twice usually.

His love comes sometimes slowly and steadily. You’ve just got to know, He’s always there. Always.

This weekend felt like it last for almost a week! But I got so much out of it. 

I even wrote a new song. Actually I’m still working on it..haha

But I don’t feel like I’m swimming with my head barely above the surface as much anymore. 

I’ve learned to stand up, press on, and stay strong. Because God’s been there all along.

Peace out home skillets. And happy Tuesday.



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